Carolina Imaging Specialists utilizes a revolutionary ultrasound system providing its physicians with unsurpassed diagnostic images of anatomy and pathology, and increased diagnostic information for all patients.

Called the ACUSON Sequoia™ 512 ultrasound system, the high performance system features new transducers that deliver never-seen-before detail in imaging of small parts and subtle pathologies. Additionally, the technology offers significant workflow enhancements, which often leads to a reduction in repeat ultrasound exams for patients.
“Our Sequoia ultrasound system is an invaluable tool for obtaining excellent ultrasound images with an abundance of critical information,” said Dr. David Goltra. “We are able to quickly optimize images on our sickest patients and promptly obtain the diagnostic information we need to help them.
“Additionally, the ultrasound system has provided a whole new level of productivity, which has directly resulted in a reduced number of repeat ultrasound exams, meaning we no longer have to ask our patients to come back for a second exam.”
The Sequoia technology enables our clinicians to capture clearer, sharper images that previously were unattainable with a non-invasive exam. Approximately 30 percent of patients examined with ultrasound are categorized as difficult-to-image. These patients are not only overweight or muscular, but are often elderly or have narrow rib spaces, or a thick body wall. Individuals who have had surgery, chemotherapy or radiation treatment are also often difficult-to-image, and until now, the benefits of a clear and accurate ultrasound exam were unavailable to them.

Check list for your ultrasound exam:

Abdomen – Nothing to eat or drink 6 hours prior to exam
Pelvis & OB – 1 hour prior to exam time – drink 32 oz fluids – do not empty bladder.
Ultrasound Wellness Screening – Nothing to eat or drink 6 hours prior to exam