Image Guided Procedures & Diagnostic Services

Image-guided procedures provide physiological information not available from diagnostic imaging studies and can be performed on an outpatient basis.

CT, MRI, and Fluoroscopy allow for real-time observation during treatment.  This gives our team incredible precision when either injecting medications and contrast materials, or removing tissue that is causing painful pressure on nerves.  Early intervention helps to decrease the need for pain medication, improve physical performance and facilitate a rapid return to normal activities.  With extensive training on imaging equipment safety, interventional radiologists are best suited to perform these spine interventions.diagnostic services

Diagnostic Services are not the same everywhere!  There are vast differences in the equipment that is used, in the technical skill of the operator, and in the expertise of the radiologist interpreting the images.  Carolina Imaging Specialists offers the best in each of these categories.

Other Services:
- Arthrograms
- Blood Patch
- Bone Mineral Density Testing
- Soft tissue masses
- Cyst Aspirations
- Diskograms
- Epidural Steroid Injections
- Epidurography
- Facet Nerve Injections
- Facet Joint Injections
- Facial Nerve Blocks
- Fluoroscopy
- Percutaneous Biopsies (Orthopaedic, Hepatic, etc..)
- Kyphoplasty
- Lumbar punctures
- Myelograms
- PIIC lines
- Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy
- Puriformis Nerve Injections
- Rhizotomy
- Sacroiliac joint injections
- Selective nerve root injections
- Spinal Nerve Stimulator
- Trigger point injections
- Vertebroplasty
- Functional Diskograms